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Raise Red-line Consciousness to Promote Development


-- SF Airlines organized and accomplished the Safety Operation Month Activities of 2014


To meet the requirements of regulators of the civil aviation to carry out the “Safety Operation Month” activities and strongly promote the integrity and safety cultural development, in June of 2014, which is the 13th month of the national Safety Operation Month, SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SF Airlines") tightly focused on the theme of “Raising red-line consciousness, promoting safe development” and held 16 activities themed as safety culture in four phases based on the actual situation of the company. These activities greatly increased the safety operation awareness of the staff and actively improved the safe operation skills and service level.

To raise the staff’s safety awareness, in the activities of phase 1, SF Airlines carried out safety warning education on different information platforms, organized the staff to watch videos about airline safety and learn the spirits of the national civil airline safety conference. SF Airlines also publicized the activities of Safety Operation Month to the staff by WeChat to foster the risk identification and prevention awareness.

Safety is the everlasting theme of production development. In the “Safety culture publicity week” of the phase 2, SF Airlines organized the conference on safety of the first half year, which facilitated the communication between the frontline and the backline on safety management. Meanwhile, the debates of safety operation knowledge and safety picture show also comprehensively pushed forward the implementation and interaction of the safety culture publicity.

To encourage the staff to participate in the safety culture development actively, award-winning Q & A and signing activity were held in the “Safety Operation Date” activity of phase 3. Meanwhile, Safety Management Manual (SMM) of the latest version, self-made typical case study collection of air accidents and emergency address book were handed out to staff, safety publicity videos such as Airplanes Running out of the Railway When Encountering Thunder Storm were also played in a continuous loop to build up three-dimensional integrity and safe operation atmosphere.

To practice is the truth. In the contingency drills activity in phase 4, combining with the operation guarantee situation, SF Airlines carried out drills and formulated emergency plan, simulated that there was airline emergency, and then commented on the drill to consolidate the drilling results and improve the departments’ abilities to deal with the emergency.

SF Airlines persists in the safety principle of "Safety and precaution come first" and guides by the thinking of scientific and safe development. Through the Safety Operation Month activities, SF Airlines practiced the safety philosophy, built the “bottom-line consciousness” and “red-line awareness “to further foster the company’s safety culture, which laid a more solid foundation for the safety management.