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SF Vision

Build a digital ecosystem and serve global customers;

Achieve prosperity for all and enjoy a better life.


SF Values 

Integrity and responsibility; Dedication to employees’success;

Dedication to customers’success;  innovation and inclusiveness;

Pursuit of excellence.



SF Airlines Brand Vision

Be the most trust-worthy air freighter partner


SF Airlines Brand Concept

Set foot in aviation and achieve win-win success in logistics


SF Airlines Safety Concept

We advocate common safety concepts and values, the culture of responsibility, justice, communication and learning has been cultivated within the whole company with every single employee being part of it.

The core of our safety management is cultural development, information transparency, sharing and effective channels of communication are the prerequisites of sound safety culture and management.

We commit ourselves to opening different kinds of channels for releasing and receiving information, ensuring the  information symmetry among employees and between employees and their management, thus increasing employees' understanding of the company's goal, major events and status quo.

We have constantly improving employees' awareness of safety management system, in order to help them fully understand safety information, experience and its lessons, forming the double-channel mode of from-top-to-bottom and from-bottom-to-top.