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To all users:


Your acceptance of this disclaimer of S.F. Express website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") is the necessary premise of your login, registration, accessing or using this site. Please read the following terms before using this site. If you have any question, please dial the S.F Express service hotline.


Intellectual Property


The domain name, LOGO, trademark, content, technical data and other relevant documents (collectively referred to as "website content") of this site all belong to SF Airlines Co., Ltd. and/or its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "S.F."). All users should respect and strictly comply with relevant laws, regulations and the provisions of this site, and use it reasonably. Some matter that is not stated specifically in the website content, does not mean S.F. waives any rights or is not in favor of rights. You shall not, in any way, amend, edit the website content, distribute computer virus, set up the network links or use this site for any commercial purpose or other personal purposes. You shall neither, for any purpose, use website content on any other website, print media or network computer environment. In addition, that this site allows you to login, register, access or use the website content doesn't mean you are allowed to use the copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property or other proprietary rights of S.F.


Information Release and Exchange

Except the service commitment expressly stated in the website content, information released by this site does not make an offer, warranty or promise of any form. According to the relevant regulations or influenced by objective condition, the content of this site or products, services, price, and service commitment, etc. introduced in the content, may change without notice. The content released by this site may have expired or be not latest, but we will try to update on time. It's possible that in your local the information (including service commitment) released by this site is products or services that you cannot get. You may dial S.F. service hotline for inquiry.


Your use of this site shall not violate laws, regulations and social ethics, and you shall not submit to this site, or send and spread through this site any information or materials that is illegal, terror, superstitions, rumors, slander, threat, pornographic, or may infringe upon others' lawful rights and interests or threaten social order. According to regulations, this site will keep the information you submit confidential (unless disclosed according to laws or relevant agreements), but if the right holders give warning or objection about the information based on real evidence, this site may delete such information immediately or infinitely suspend the access of such information, without getting prior consent of the submitters and not giving notification to the submitters afterwards. In case that the situation is serious, this site may cancel such users.


Other Statements


If users cannot normally use this site because of force majeure, technical fault, internal debugging and other factors, or the problem of internet service provider, related technical personnel will recover the site timely, but we doesn't therefore bear any legal responsibility.

All users are suggested to remember the official website of SF Airlines and service hotline of S.F. In case that criminals use S.F. website, false S.F. LOGO or service hotline, etc. to provide related products or services, or engage in fraud, please timely call the police, and simultaneously dial S.F. service hotline for backup.