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 Building the Integrity and Safety Operation Culture - SF Airlines Held the 2013 "Safety Operation Month" Activity


Safety is the main focus in aviation business. June of this year marks the country's 12th "Safety Operation Month". To participate in the civil aviation's safety operation month activity, SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SF Airlines") had set up a special team to be in charge of this activity. To strictly abide by the rules of "Reinforcing safety foundation, promoting a safe development", "Safety and precaution come first", and SF's core value of integrity, the team had formulated related schemes and organized case study week, safety culture week, safe operation consulting day and contingency drills.

In the case study activity, employees from different departments watched videos of different cases and discussed various situations. The activity aims to raise the staff's safety awareness and allow them to pay more attention to the rules available.

During the safety culture activity, safety culture promotions and legal education are held with regards to the theme of promoting "Integrity, Love, Discipline" and the industry's safety issues that happened in recent years, asking the staff to always pay more attention and follow the basic rules of integrity, they should report immediately should there be any safety problems.

On the safe operation consulting day, panels of safe operation theme are showcased in the office area to promote the safety knowledge, and aviation safety promotion materials were also handed out to the employees.

For the contingency drill, SF Airlines had monitored and evaluated the process and effect of the drill based on the regulations on the Aviation Safety Manual and Emergency Rescue Manual. The drill had improved our contingency plans and collaborative mechanism, increasing our ability to handle emergency situations.

Through the Safety Operation Month activities, SF Airlines staf' safety awareness had greatly increased. SF Airlines will continue to build the integrity and safety culture as well as taking measures against the violations of rules.