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3rd Anniversary of SF Airlines


SF Airlines Co., Ltd has completed its air transport security work of 2012, marking its 3rd anniversary since Dec 31, 2012.

As a subsidiary of SF Express (Group) Co., Ltd, SF Airlines now owns a fleet of B757 and B737 all-cargo aircrafts. During its rapid development of the last three years, SF Airlines has always abide by the “Safety and precaution come first” rule, improved the safety awareness of its staff by building a working culture based on safety and integrity. It also emphasizes on the standardization of safety management in all aspects such as the building of safety management system, the prevention of unsafe events, the assessment & accountability of each safety measure implementation, and the flights’ operations, maintenance, operational control, etc.

In 2013, SF Airlines will continue to improve its safety regulations and measures, build an accomplished safety supervision system, and reinforce its organization management. SF Airlines will continue to develop steadily and is committed to abide by the idea of safe operation in order to provide excellent service to our customers by ensuring safe air transport of shipments.