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Mr. Liang Shi Jie Visits SF Airliness for Inspection and Directory Work


In the afternoon of March 13, Mr. Liang Shijie, the deputy director of Civil Aviation Administration- Central-Southern Region, Mr. Wutian, the director of Civil Aviation Administration- Shenzhen Supervision Bureau for safety, and Mr. Wang Yuejing, the deputy director of Shenzhen Supervision Bureau for safety had visited SF Airlines to inspect and instruct our work in safe operation. Mr. Li Dongqi, the President of SF Airlines and principal members of safety management committee had also given instructions.

After listening to the Safe Operation Reorganization Plan of SF Airlines which was developed according to our real situation as well as the brief reports on our recent work, Mr. Liang said he appreciated our work and achievements on "anti-relaxation, anti-illegal, and promote the culture of integrity and safety". He also communicated with the heads of SF Airlines on the risks that might undermine S.F.'s operation safety, and made instructions and requirements that we should carry on our safety management constantly.