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SF Airlines Obtains SMS Supplemental Operation Certificate


On Dec 6, 2010, deputy director of Civil Aviation Administration Shenzhen Supervision Bureau (hereinafter referred to Shenzhen Supervision Bureau), Liu Liang Hao officially awarded SF Airlines Co., Ltd. the operating specifications for SMS supplemental operations, making SF Airlines becomes the first cargo airlines in Shenzhen administrative region to be certified for SMS supplemental operations.

From the outset, SF Airlines has placed great importance on the construction of safety management system, with "Improve safety management and keep safety sustainable" as its strategic target, and "Safety first, prevention crucial" as its safety policy, SF Airlines has been very proactive in learning advanced safety management concepts and methods from companies of the same industry. Through on-going staff training, SF Airlines has developed its own qualified professional group. In Feb 2010, SF Airlines SMS Management Office was founded; integrating the idea of safety into the company's operating management system. With this systematic risk management, SF Airlines had lifted safety standards and improving the safe operation quality.

Thanks to the guidance of Shenzhen Supervision Bureau, and the mutual efforts of SMS Certification team and SF Airlines certification team, SF Airlines went through the whole process (pre-application, formal application, files review, demonstration & verification) smoothly. Demonstration & verification was completed on Sept 29, 2010, and SF Airlines was certified on Dec 6. As a private cargo airlines that had been operating for less than one year, gaining the initial approval of SMS Supplemental Operations means the safety management work of SF Airlines had entered a new phase--- the systematic safety management era, which will facilitate the SMS construction in the industry. SF Airlines will seek to improve the company's safe operation level constantly and build a stable and safe transportation environment by expanding the application of SMS in the future.