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1st Anniversary of SF Airlines


As B2899 slide into its parking space on December 31st, 2010, SF Airlines has successfully fulfilled its production tasks for the year of 2010.

Over the last year since SF Airlines began to deliver service, we have altogether operated 1082 flights for 2282 hours with a net capacity of cargos totaling 27,129.718 ton, of which 89.96% flights are under control and no aircraft ground mishap ever occurred. Besides, all the production and safety indicators, such as the rate of potential accidents under human influence per ten thousand flight hours, the rate of major failures per ten thousand flight hours, and the rate of general failures per ten thousand flight hours have all reached the standards, which marked the accomplishment of annual work tasks for 2010.

Ever since the beginning, SF Airlines has attached great importance to the construction of safety management, and has taken "Improve safety management and keep safety sustainable" as our strategic target and "Safety first, prevention crucial"as our safety guideline. With the care and guidance from officers at all levels of the civil aviation administration, we were able to advancing constantly in firm and steady paces on the basis of safety in virtue of updated management concepts and united entrepreneurship. From now on, SF Airlines will try even harder to reinforce basic management work and pursuit sustainable development, determined to become the most reliable and respectable cargo Airlines and play our part in the development of air cargo industry of our country.