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2nd Anniversary of SF Airlines


SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SF Airlines for short) has been delivering safe airfreight service for 3 years since it was first put into service on December 31st in 2009.

SF Airlines belongs to S.F. Express (Group) Ltd. Corporation (hereinafter referred to as S.F. Express), aiming to provide efficient and effective air transport service for S.F. Express. We have now altogether 7 aircrafts, including models of B757 and B737. According to the development planning of S.F. Express, our transport network is based in Shenzhen and radiates its profound influence over the entire country.

Ever since the first flight is opened, SF Airlines has adopted the principle "safety first, prevention crucial" and attached great importance to building safety management. We keep learning the advanced experience in aviation safety management from both domestic and foreign Airlines, improving the management mechanism, conducting strict management rules, and implementing safety regulations and measures in real work. In addition, we will gradually make our safety management more standard and systematical by launching special programs on specific projects and promoting the construction of safety management, aiming at building a constant and safe operating environment. 

From now on, SF Airlines will try even harder to reinforce basic management work, improve safety coefficient, and pursuit sustainable development, determined to become the most reliable and respectable cargo Airlines and play our part in the development of air cargo industry of our country.