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A New SF Aircraft Put into Operation, Adding to the Fleet's Whole Capacity


At 20:25 of December 19, 2011, as the seventh all-cargo aircraft owned by SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (also SF Airlines for short) landed smoothly at Bao'an International Airport, a new member joined in our aircraft fleet.

SF Airlines belongs to S.F. Express (Group) Ltd. Corporation (hereinafter referred to as S.F. Express), aiming to provide efficient and effective air transport service for S.F. Express. Ever since the first flight is opened, SF Airlines has taken "improve safety management and keep safety sustainable"as our strategic goal. This aircraft is the fifth B757-200 all-cargo aircraft in SF Airlines and as it is put into service, our transport capacity will be further enhanced, which also will help ease our transport pressure during our business peak before holidays and festivals, so that we can provide better services for our customers.