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Successful Maiden Flights of Shenzhen- Wenzhou and Shenzhen- Nantong for SF Airlines on Aug 3


At time 00:00 of August 3rd in 2011, a Boeing 737-200 all-cargo aircraft, the fifth all-cargo craft owned by SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (also SF Airlines for short) has landed at Yongqiang International Airport in Wenzhou. As the aircraft slowly descended smoothly at night, our air route from Shenzhen to Wenzhou and Shenzhen to Nantong was officially opened.

This new route has five flights every week and the cargo capacity is 14 ton in total. The air route is "Shenzhen-Wenzhou-Shenzhen-Nantong-Shenzhen", which means every time an aircraft deliver the shipments to Wenzhou, it goes back to Shenzhen for Nantong and goes back to Shenzhen in the end. This has guaranteed the perfect docking for express services delivered overnight.

SF Airlines belongs to S.F. Express (Group) Ltd. Corporation (hereinafter referred to as S.F. Express), aiming to provide efficient and effective air transport service for S.F. Express. According to our business needs and strategic layout, SF Airlines keeps enhancing our air transport capacity, and making great efforts in building airfreight hub and air transport network. This air route was opened to provide independent transport support of to the airfreight services delivered between Shenzhen, Wenzhou, and Nantong.