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Meeting Head-on Logistics Peak, SF Airlines Sees Steady Increase of Freight Volume


According to data monitored by the State Post Bureau, the postal and express companies handled up to 535 million shipments on the “Double 11” of 2019, threefold of the daily handling capacity since the second quarter this year as well as year-on-year growth of 28.6%, reaching a record high. This formed a logistics peak of boosting increase in transportation demands similar to Spring Festival rush and summer holiday rush of passenger airlines and put forward a higher requirement for the service level of the express industry. SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “SF Airlines”), the air cargo company with the largest fleet size in China, is committed to providing the express logistics market with safe and highly efficient air freight services. To meet head-on this “annual exam”, it spared no efforts in securing the operation in “Double 11” business peak. From November 11 to 17 of 2019, SF Airlines witnessed a nearly 30% freight volume increase over last year, among which shipments of electronics products and fresh products increased by a big margin.

Figure: SF Airlines' All-cargo Aircraft Fleet

In 2019, the year of SF Airlines’ 10th anniversary, the number of all-cargo aircraft of SF Airlines reached to nearly 60, serving more than 60 cities and areas on this planet. This annual “Double 11” express logistics peak not only testified SF Airlines’ service quality, but also drove the improvement of SF Airlines’ operation capacity. To respond to this “big exam”, each supporting organization of SF Airlines conducted targeted ability enhancement and centralized drills, selected suitable aircraft models based on factors like estimated shipment volume, air route features and shipment composition, made full use of the intelligent management system to control operation risks and improve air-ground connection efficiency, and strengthened team cohesion through cultural mobilization so as to save no efforts in guaranteeing stable and highly efficient operation of flights during the peak time and helping to deliver every shipment of “Double 11” on time.


As estimated by the State Post Bureau, the post and express business volume in the whole industry during the “Double 11” period might reach 2.8 billion shipments. This number reflects a huge consumption potential and broad space of development for air courier services. The “Double 11” peak has passed, but the “Double 12” and Spring Festival logistics peak seasons are on the way. On the occasion of SF Airlines’ 10th anniversary when business peaks come one after another and “big exams” are unceasing, SF Airlines will continue to remain under arms to pick up the “relay baton” from the front end and continue to improve the service quality on air transportation so as to provide customers with competitive aviation guarantee.