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SF Airlines Becomes the first in the Industry Certified for CCAR-121-R4 Supplemental Operations


On Feb 17, 2011, Civil Aviation Administration in South Central China officially approved SF Airlines' application of certification of CCAR-121-R4 Supplemental Operations, making it the first in the industry to be certified.

Under the professional guidance of Civil Aviation Administration in South Central China and Shenzhen Supervision Bureau, SF Airlines had made an active effort in preparing for the supplemental operations certification, conducting numerous talks and revisions on professional operating manuals of aircraft operation, airworthiness maintenance, operation control, satellite, ground operation, etc. From pre-application, formal application, files review, to demonstration & verification, it took SF Airlines 11 months before it finally obtains the certificate.

With the rapid development of aviation, a 4th revise had been made to CCAR-121 to raise the overall standards of civil aviation safety management system. With active cooperation and conscientious preparation, SF Airlines had worked steadfastly to meet every revised requirement of the bureau, strives to meet the CCAR-121-R4 management requirements as soon as possible.  

As a private cargo airlines that had just been operating for one year, being certified for both CCAR-121-R4 supplemental operations and SMS supplemental operations means a higher standard is required of the safety management level of S.F. Airlines. In the future, SF Airlines will continue to expand the application of each safety management specification through ways of gradually perfecting and reinforcing supervision, adhering to the safety policy of "Safety first, prevention crucial", putting safety management as a long-term key project, constantly improving the safety control ability, building a stable and safe transportation environment, which will lead to better performance in safety production.