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Adding More Central Asia Flights     

SF Airlines' Maiden Flight to Alma-Ata


On July 4, 2019, the "Urumchi=Alma-Ata" international freight flight of SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereafter called "SF Airlines") was officially launched, which is the first direct freight flight to Kazakhsta. It is also the second central Asia flight serving regional air logistics development in response to the nation's "Belt and Road" initiative after the "Urumchi=Bishkek" of SF Airlines. The new air route will be flown by B757-200F freighter, the main model of SF Airlines. The transported goods are mainly general cargoes.

Promote Development in Response to the Initiative

Alma-Ata is the biggest city in Kazakhstan and an important transportation junction, and also one of the most important cities along the Economic Belt of the Silk Road. It is reported that the Logistics Transportation and E-commerce Conference of the Second Sino-Kazakhstan Local Cooperation Forum was held in Alma-Ata successfully in May, 2019, which creates more investment and cooperation opportunities in the logistics and e-commerce field and offer more cross-border air logistics demands.

Since its maiden flight in 2009, SF Airlines has always dedicated in expanding the air logistics service scope, enhancing air logistics service quality and assisting in in-depth development of the nation's "Belt and Road" initiative to satisfy the market's air transportation demands. The launch of the "Urumchi=Alma-Ata" flight provides more effective and stable freighter transportation service for Sino-Kazakhstan trading and goods circulation and assists in enhancing speed and efficiency of all kinds of investment and cooperation.


All Fronts Coordination to Promote the Launch of the Flight

Through steady development for nearly 10 years, SF Airlines has grown into the largest freight airlines with the largest fleet size in China. By now, the number of in-service freighters has grown into 55. The number of cities and regions open to air traffic at home and abroad is over 50 with competitive international air logistics service capacity.


Adhering to the development philosophy of "Setting Foot in Aviation and Achieving Win-win Logistics" and the service philosophy of "taking customers' demands as the core", since the preparation of the flight, SF Airlines operation guarantee teams have coordinated at all fronts, successfully guarantee the timely launch of the "Urumchi=Alma-Ata" international freight flight in short time with the service mission of "providing competitive air guarantee".


In recent years, based on the steady growth of the fleet scale and continuous improvement of operation quality, SF Airlines fully implements the development philosophy of "Setting Foot in Aviation and Achieving Win-win Logistics" with customers' demands as the core. International freight flights from China to Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Kyrghyzstan and others were successively launched, providing solid operational foundation for the development of SF's international business. In the future, SF Airlines will continuously improve the international freight network and air logistics service quality, and devote itself to becoming customers' most trust-worthy partner with air transportation.