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Flights for Fruit Season of 2009 To Be Launched  

SF Airlines is Ready


SF Airlines Co., Ltd. ("SF Airlines" for short) officially starts the guarantee work for maiden flight of the 2019 Summer Flights for "Special Route for Feature Fruits) (hereafter called "Flight for Fruit", gives full play to the absolute advantages of stability and effectiveness of the transportation of express delivery freighter and assists in the continuous development of Three Agriculture Industries of multiple feature fruits nation-wide and the air logistics industry.


SF Airlines is the first private express delivery airlines, and has the largest fleet size in China. SF Airlines has 54 aircraft and covers multiple models of 747, 767, 757 and 737 and over 50 cities and regions both at home and abroad, providing competitive air guarantee for SF Group to develop feature economy products and creating a fresh product e-commerce platform.


Straight to the Pain Point     Retaining Freshness with Capacity and Assisting in Harvest

In recent years, SF successfully launched several classical logistics projects for cherries from Yantai, lychee from the south of the Five Ridges, wax berries from Taizhou and juicy peaches from Wuxi, providing fruits right from the branches to the tongue. The intensive launch of the flights for fruits provides core competitiveness for the effective transportation for the fresh products.


Taking the case of assisting big cherries from Yantai in production and sales, SF's focus on the cherry delivery market can be traced back to 2008. Big cherries from Yantai are of high quality and have great potential for market consumption. However, the fresh cherries are tender and perishable, which has high requirements for the transportation conditions. Therefore, phenomenon such as the sales of the cherries only cover local places, oversupply, forced lower market price and increase of production without increase of income occur. Combining the product feature and delivery demand in the market, SF starts from the origin of the cherries and extends to multiple key processes such as fruit sorting, packing, cold chain connection, transportation route planning and after-sales services, stations in the orchard to provide professional logistics services for farmers. SF also successively introduces transportation capacity resources from commercial flights and own freighters of SF Airlines to continuously enhance the cherry delivery efficiency and retain freshness quality, which effectively expands the production and sales of local cherries. Statistically, during the sales period of cherries, the maximum handling volume of SF in a single day is approximately 500,000 shipments.


Targeted at the long-distance transportation of fresh products, SF has absolute advantages in its timeliness and stability in its own freighter transportation of SF Airlines; In terms of air and ground connection, the freight transportation can seamlessly connect to SF's land main line and cold chain transportation network, match with highly automatic sorting equipment and wholly visible information monitoring system, which also has diversified competition advantage in terms of transportation resource concentration and uniformity of the service brand of pickup and delivery. In recent year, the launch of multiple flights for fruit by SF Airlines and the improvement of dedicated transportation mode of freighters effectively solve the market pain points of retaining the freshness of the feature and high-quality fruits transported in long distance, assist each project to enhance service quality, and further unleash the market potential of fresh product e-commerce under the backdrop of consumption upgrade.

Figure 1: SF Airlines' "Cherry Freighter" landed on Yantai, Shandong

Add Value for the Expected Future

From the second half of 2017 till now, several e-commerce platforms such as SF DDJ under SF Group assist several national poverty-stricken areas to increase production and income, realize the addition of social value and economic value, which is closely related to the quality and efficiency improvement of the air transportation process.


To ensure smooth switch of the "Flight for Fruits", SF Airlines will combine with the guarantee experience gained from the flight of fruits for years, and conduct thorough analysis and reasonable prediction and judgment of key factors such as hot destinations, local climate trend, circulation and consolidation capacity of the air network, air and land cold chain connection mechanism that affect the sales and transportation of the fresh products, provide optimal solutions for the flights between the regions and match of the time. Under the precondition of safety operation, the flights for fruit enhance the air transportation service quality, assist customers in reducing air logistics costs and fully implement the development philosophy of "Setting Foot in Aviation and Achieving Win-win Logistics".



Figure 2: Photo about SF Airlines

In 2018, SF Airlines accumulatively transported over 8000 tons through the flights for fruits; In 2019, the feature fruits will soon enjoy its harvest in production and gradual consumption heat in the market, several flights of SF Airlines for the fruits are ready, whose annual freight volume is expected to exceed 10000 tons. To add value for the expected better future, SF Airlines will continue to improve the transportation guarantee solutions to ensure high-quality operation of the 2019 "Flight for Fruits".