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SF Airlines Helps Civil Aviation Build an Operation Data Sharing Platform


In order to accelerate the sharing of civil aviation operation data and promote the construction of intelligent civil aviation, the Civil Aviation Administration Operation Monitoring Center organized the establishment of “Civil Aviation Operation Data Sharing Platform” (“the platform”) in 2017, aiming at realizing accurate analysis, fine management, precise regulation and elaborate service based on big data technology in the industry. At the end of 2017, SF Airlines Co. Ltd. (“SF Airlines”) officially signed China Civil Aviation Operation Data Sharing Agreement, and it was the only cargo airline among the first 10 airlines signing the agreement. In 2019, the investment of SF Airlines has achieved an initial success.


The data sharing platform that SF Airlines participated in this time aims at realizing the “data sharing” of the civil aviation operation system, that is, connecting the core systems of Civil Aviation Operation Monitoring Center, airlines, airports and air traffic control, sharing multiple data from the operation environment, pre-flight plan, flight information, quality analysis and other types of operation data and building and optimizing the operation information monitoring network in accordance with the overall work idea of “practicing one concept, promoting two wings (public transportation aviation and general aviation), sticking to three bottom lines, improving three networks and overcoming four shortcomings” of the Civil Aviation Administration in the new era.


Since the signing of China Civil Aviation Operation Data Sharing Agreement, SF Airlines has actively integrated its key operation resources such as internal operation control and IT and successfully completed uploading, feedback and improvement of various operation data under the guidance of the Civil Aviation Administration Operation Monitoring Center. After checking and verification for times, it achieved 100% data uploading and 100% flight coverage on February 23, 2019. At the same time, the Technical Support Team of SF Airlines will continue to improve its support solutions so as to better deal with data fluctuations and stabilize the quality of data sharing.


The era of the civil aviation big data has already approached. As the largest professional cargo airline in China, SF Airlines firmly believes in the development concept of “information technology leads the future”. In the future, it will combine its own operation experience in the express aviation to give a quick response, actively cooperate with the development and optimization of the data sharing platform at the later stage and continue to assist in platform building and industry development.