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SF Airlines Officially Launched the "Dalian=Hangzhou" Freight Air Route


In the early morning of March 28, 2017, SF Airlines Co., Ltd. ("SF Airlines" for short) officially launched the "Dalian=Hangzhou" freight air route, which adds one more high-speed air transportation channel between the "window of the Northeast China" and the East China Region for SF Express Co., Ltd. ("SF Express" for short). The new air route will be flown by B757-200 freighter of SF Airlines with five flights a week.

Dalian is the largest port city and the window of the Northeast China to the world, and features abundant agricultural resources and economic vitality. To escort the sales and delivery of high quality products in Dalian, SF Airlines had launched the "Dalian = Shenzhen" Cherry Special Delivery in June of 2016 to enhance the service experience with "leading freshness" from the branch to the tongue.

Hangzhou is a national aviation hub of SF Express. The successful launch of "Dalian = Hangzhou" freight air route will effectively give full play to the shipment distribution function of Hangzhou Hub, increase and solidify the transportation channels for shipments between East China and Northeast China, and promote the cargo circulation in between. In the meantime, the more stable and efficient air transportation guarantee will also provide better shipment sending and receiving experience for residents in the two regions.

In recent years, relying on the speedy development of SF Group, SF Airlines has grown into a cargo airlines that has the largest number of freighters among domestic airlines since its maiden flight in 2009. By now, SF Airlines has a fleet of 38 self-owned freighters featuring B767, B757 and B737 models, and includes 36 cities and districts nation-wide in its general aviation coverage. It has also seen development of its nation-wide air freight network year by year and constant improvement in its safety management and route operation. In the future, based on SF's business development planning, SF Airlines will continue to improve the transportation network and fleet building, and provide customers with safer and more efficient air logistics services.