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SF Airlines Launches the "Dalian=Shenzhen" Dedicated Cherry Flight Route to Escort the Cherry Delivery


Cherries in Dalian are welcoming its peak sales in June, and SF Airlines Co., Ltd. (SF Airlines) officially launched the "Dalian=Shenzhen" dedicated cherry flight route just in time on June 8. This was another all-cargo flight route dedicated to escort the shipping of high-quality fruits from the place of origin to other places following the launch of the "Yantai=Shenzhen" dedicated cherry flight route on May 22. 
Since the launch of the first dedicated cherry shipping in 2014, S.F. Express Dalian has made constant efforts in reforms and innovations in human resources, transportation capacity and materials and accumulatively delivered 2,400 tons of cherries in the past two years. In 2016, S.F. Express Dalian strategically teams up with a thousand orchardists and distributors in Dalian to provide a golden service of "fruit freshness from picking to tasting" for cherry delivery from Dalian. Therefore, it launched the first "Dalian=Shenzhen" dedicated cherry flight route and used B757 and B737 aircrafts in turns to take 7 flights a week to ensure fresh product delivery timeliness and different shipment demands at different stages between North China and South China. 
Affiliated to S.F. Express Co., Ltd (S.F. Express), SF Airlines acts as a key guarantee to the core competitiveness of SF's express delivery business and a strong extension to the brand of S.F. Express. Currently SF Airlines has an all-cargo fleet featuring aircraft models like B767, B757 and B737, and has established a nation-wide air transportation network based on Shenzhen and Hangzhou. It will continue to consummate its transportation network based on the company's business development planning and provide more comprehensive guarantee to the shipment efficiency and quality of S.F. Express.